Who We Are

3 Organizations Working Together - Logos - Copyright 2020 Tails of Hope

Tails of Hope has its roots in our sister organization, Coco’s Cupboard, which is dedicated to stemming the tide of abandoned dogs and cats in the Southern Crescent of Atlanta.  As Coco’s Cupboard continued to grow and flourish over the past 11 years, one of their most fulfilling roles was training carefully selected dogs to have new lives as ADA-compliant service dogs.  The process of matching these special dogs with just the right veteran or autistic child or disabled adult brought immense joy to Coco’s army of volunteers. Further, through their strong partnership with TAO K9 Unleashed, an extraordinary local dog training company, those trainers became ever more skilled and effective in the service dog realm.

As Coco’s dedicated more and more time and funds to this effort, and began seeking partner organizations to promote this mission, it became clear we needed to create a separate non-profit, and Tails of Hope was born.

These three groups will work closely together, with Coco’s continuing to select and procure the dogs;  TAO continuously honing training curriculum and overseeing its quality; and Tails Of Hope homing and training the dogs before, during and after their placement.  This powerful partnership will enable us to truly change lives at both ends of the leash!