Our goal is to change lives at both ends of the leash.

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Tails of Hope provides service dog training for disabled individuals, special needs children, wounded veterans, and first responders. They also provide hope, fellowship, and a lifetime of support and resources for individuals and families that need it most.

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Our Vision

Here at Tails of Hope, we imagine a future in which every person in need can have a service or an emotional support dog. Our objective is to provide the necessary training and support for the partnership to be successful. These special dogs are selected from the masses of abandoned and surrendered dogs, where we train them for their new lives in service.

Ultimately, as we like to say at Tails of Hope, our goal is to save lives at both ends of the leash.

Adoptable & Trained

Our Dogs

Take a look at the available dogs waiting to become your new service dog.


Mountain Dog/Poodle
Female- 1 year


Male- 1 Year


Dutch Shepherd
Female- 4 Months

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Community Partners

Unleash the Love

Do a good deed for dogs in need. Walking with WoofTrax lets you earn money for Cocos Cupboard and Tails of Hope. Download the WoofTrax app, start walking your best friend, and unleash the love for all dogs.


  • Our program is flexible and gives you the opportunity to choose a plan to fit your budget. In addition, you can come with your own dog after an evaluation from our trainers.
  • If you do not already have a dog that you want to train, you can choose from a selection of dogs that have been evaluated and of whom many have already started training.

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Check out this short video to see all the fun training activities from a weekend training class!  

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2024 Upcoming Training Weekend Events:

■      May 17th, 18th, and 19th
■      September 20th, 21st, and 22nd
■      November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd



22599 HWY 85

Gay, GA 30218

(678) 804-8765

Email: info@tailsofhope.com